per erez, First Sundays

Welcome in the new year your messy, curious, tongue and tail Butoh Body. First Sundays with first time Butoh Body teacher, per erez! per teaches the first Sunday of January/February — this Sunday Jan 7 and again Feb 4 –– a gift from the surrealist wellness gods ❤

per is a private practice based Yoga Therapist with an educational background in theatre arts. Per’s journey into learning Butoh dance have culminated as a perfect melting pot into which 30 years of his personal movement practice in yoga, tai chi, and bodywork all feel quite at home rubbing against each other. His earliest exposure to performance-visual arts included a fascination with physical theatre, Surrealism, and the writings of legendary artist, such as Jerzy Grotowski and Antonin Artaud.

Erez’s personal work in wellness has served him as a deep dive into the tantra of engaging our human bodies as a living intrapersonal, interpersonal, and impersonal experience– to be shared– through rituals of conscious movement. He has personally found that in these rituals, creative friction/frustration often catches fire, setting ablaze old notions that would separate healing from art, distinguish the body from the mind, or elevate a “higher self” beyond some mere mundane existence commonly experienced.

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